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  • NCLEX Review Books: Find the best one for yourself!

    The first thing that comes to the mind of an NCLEX taker is a good BOOK! It doesn’t matter whether the aspirant is still a student or has passed out from the nursing program. Books are indispensable and all of us agree to this fact. There might be many books that you might have read […]

  • Review of A Plus NCLEX review

    It’s time to make an honest assessment of where you stand. Are you prepared for the NCLEX exam? Do you need help? And which type of help? Do you need organised content? Pre set strategy? Constant guiding and mentoring is what you need? Or, you can manage everything except that you’re indisciplined. Do not  be […]

  • Review of NCLEX 3000 review

    NCLEX 3000 is a review software that provides simulated computerised adaptive testing like that of the NCLEX. The software has been designed to mimic the real exam and has been designed to provide a rigorous practice of NCLEX PN questions. The questions have been designed in a manner that each of them explains a concept, […]

  • Review of Khan Academy NCLEX RN review

    ‘Education made easy and accessible’ is what Khan Academy is known for. It’s a free learning and self paced platform where any student can gain free access to all learning material (videos as well as theoretical content) to understand tough concepts as well as to reinforce what you may be learning in school or college. […]

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: How does it find relevance in nursing?

    The nusring profession is a challenging one! Nurses often face complicated situations where they have to take decisions and sometimes address multiple issues at a time. Their job is not limited to providing help that heals a patient physically but sometimes they also have to pacify the perturbed minds of the patients as well as […]

  • Gateway to being a Nurse Practitioner: ‘The Nursing License!’

    A career in the field of nursing is a good choice. It is a well demanded and an adequately paid profession in the USA. Many decide after passing high school that they would like to take up this career and get enrollled in a nursing school. While even if you did not decide earlier you […]

  • SAUNDERS NCLEX RN 7th edition Review

    Nursing is a valuable profession, and any thing worthy comes with a lot of hard work!  Recall your journey in the Nursing School……You might have learnt a number of things, understood them and might have also got a chance to practically apply them. There might have been a pile of hefty books on your table […]

  • Review of NRSNG Academy’s NCLEX review

    Too many options to choose from! It can be mind boggling sometimes… Finding the right guide for your exam preparation is a must, such that you get a good start to your career. You must understand the demands of the exam and your needs first before you make a choice. So, here we will yet […]

  • Master NCLEX questions with Board Vitals: Is it a wise choice?

    Nclex questions are usually very tricky and it is crucial to understand exactly what the question is asking? Majority of the items are made specifically to test an applicant’s level of cognition. The right kind of preparation and practice of the NCLEX style questiions is what any good review course should help you with. Go in […]

  • Nursing Responsibilities

    Nurses are an important part of the health care team as they play a major role in the rehabilitation of patients. In most cases they are the ones providing most of the direct care that is given to patients. The duties that are conducted by a nurse heavily depend on the position that they hold.If […]

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