SAUNDERS NCLEX RN 7th edition Review

Nursing is a valuable profession, and any thing worthy comes with a lot of hard work!  Recall your journey in the Nursing School……You might have learnt a number of things, understood them and might have also got a chance to practically apply them. There might have been a pile of hefty books on your table and you must have been studying and trying to get it all in. Of course that’s not possible completely, since the course is extensive.

Even if you’ve been a good student, everyone knows that without passing the NCLEX you cannot have a sound nursing career. So, once again you need to open your books and study, but this time with an approach to pass the tricky exam; the NCLEX. In an era where online review courses are very popular, is the need for books completely eliminated??

The answer is no. The content that you will study in any review course be it it in any form, video or audio , ppts or printed form it is all gathered from the best standardised nursing books.The BEST NCLEX review course will provide you an all round, one shot approach to clear the NCLEX. leaving no stone unturned to get you through..

But if we say, that there’s yet another book to come, apart from all Nursing Course books you have…. It is Saunders’ ! Will this one eliminate the need for all other books? Let’s find out…

Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination

The 7th edition of this book, which has been known as the BEST NCLEX Review book ever, is out. Your trust in it may be fostered by it being called as the best, and that too by one and all. This book has been made keeping in mind that it should be covering the entire content and also providing the students with lots of NCLEX style questions with answers and rationales behind them.

Knowing your content well, is of course the first step and is very important. The whole foundation of your success depends on your knowledge and understanding of your content. Then arises the need for practising questions to build analysis and reasoning power. CONTENT is heavy and a nursing student knows it well. This book claims to lessen your cramming and making it a little easier for you to remember things via some tricks that they provide.


  • Concrete NCLEX targeted content.
  • Important nursing concepts are included, by providing tips and short cuts to remember them.
  • The text includes separately highlighted lists of actions for clinical emergent situations which require immediate decision making and action, including a detailed rationale and textbook reference.
  • They offer over 5000 questions for practice. 
  • Questions are categorised and so segregated from each other, to help you solve each and every one of them with a different approach. 
  • Include multiple response, prioritizing [ordered response], fill-in-the-blank, figure/illustration [hot spot], chart/exhibit, video, and audio questions to amke students acquainted with the variety that they will face during the real exam.
  • They also provide test taking strategies and tips for handling the CAT format.
  • The companion site (evolve) provides useful resources for students who are using the Saunder’s guide, helps you to give around 85 comprehensive exams which cover all the content provided in the book. The number of questions reach upto 5,100.  You will have to register on the evolve site and make a payment to gain access so to more resources that will complement your study with Saunders. They provide access to questions given in the book, many more than that, client scenarios, and simulated tests. 


What’s NEW in the Latest edition?

  • It has been revised and updated keeping in view the latest requirements of the NCLEX-RN exam.
  • New Mnemonics have been included.
  • Illustrations provide good presentation of information.
  • Revised and updated Glossary.

Final Thoughts…

You might have heard many students vouch for the quality of this book. And we also believe it provides good enough and organised content to help you a lot! To top it all they provide strategies,  tricks and the approach to handle every question while also providing rationales behind hem. Moreover, their organised content and mnemonics can make remembering the entire syllabus easier.

But what we do find is that you will have to spend a lot of time in digging your head into the book, understanding it yourself and organising your schedule can be tough sometimes. In order to avail benefits of practising questions online, the simulated tests etc you will be needing assistance from the companion site evolve. 

You can take this one if you can handle things yourself and are a very bright student. Otherwise it may become a little difficult for you without any live or online review course which involves teaching from real instructors and their support to help you every time you need help. 

A good NCLEX review that is affordable, yet very complete in every aspect would help you better win this battle, since they will lower your stress levels taking care of every aspect themselves and you will only have to put in the required hared work! Still, if you feel the need you can use the Saunders guide as an additional support for yourself but using it alone ,may cause you loose on other things that are also crucial for your preparation.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’re looking for an NCLEX review program that not only provides you with updated and sound content, but helps you build the ability to think confidently, train you to analyse questions by making you acquainted with case studies, practical scenarios and simulation tests; we recommend Brilliant Nurse, which offer a variety of courses for RN as well as PN aspirants. Check out the links below:

Extended (3 month access) NCLEX-PNÆ Test Prep Track

Extended (3 month access) NCLEX-RNÆ Test Prep Track

Why do we recommend Brilliant Nurse NCLEX review program?

If you have analysed the NCLEX questions then you must be knowing…..What lies at the heart of the problem!

It is true that you’ll learn a lot in nursing school…..But you are bound to learn much more in an NCLEX review course! There’s a fine line separating the two. In nursing school, you’ll acquire theoretical knowledge and gain nursing practical experience.

*Before, deciding on which course to take, you need to remember that knowing your nursing content and learning the clinical skills in a nursing school is not enough to pass the NCLEX exam. What you need more, is to be good at critical thinking! Knowledge at both ends, practical as well as theoretical, and its sound application will lead you to cracking the NCLEX in the fisrt attempt.

Prime Features:


They provide, content based on the updated syllabus keeping view of the present requirements. The content is organised nad delivered in an innovative way. They also cover a wide array of topics, to keep you adept and updated with the most needed information on various facets of nursing that you have no chance to regret later. ‘No need to keep hunting in journals, magazines and websites to keep yourself updated on latest changes and developments…’ With minimal time wastage you will get all relevant information at one place.

You can study smartly using the most popular and recommended nursing books, but in the most simplified way. This programme is also used by private institutions and centres that want to help their students or colleagues to be well prepared to take up tests of standardisation for nursing.

The content has also been made innovative by converting it into a video lectures  format. The videos not only deliver relevant content but also explain how to study and apply the information being provided.


NCLEX, comprises of a wide array of questions. It tests your all round abilities. There is no single approach to answering such a variety of questions. This program does not provide you any pre set algorithm or set of rules that you need to follow, to solve questions and reach the right conclusion, instead it prepares your thniking and develops in you the confidence to handle any new and question yourself.’

They focus on providing you questions based on practical situations, various case studies, situation based discussions, making you learn how a clinical situation unfolds, and collaborative learning that will make you ready to handle questions yourself. This course does not impose on you a set of rules, rather leaves you free to think being guided by your previously learnt knowledeg and practice, not leaving you confused and boggled in the midst of the test.


To save your time, and help you study as week as take tests while commuting, tehy provide tis facility too.


This class includes round the clock student support in addition to opportunities for regular interaction with teachers. The faculty is supportive and accessible. They help you break down questions that you find tough. They have also allotted weekly 75-minute sessions of student and teacher interaction during which students can request advice and information to help them prepare for the NCLEX exam.

All programs provide passing guarantee, over 2000 practice questions, and track your progress, and keep you updated about it, ensuring you try to fill in the gaps.


NCLEX is difficult, but that does not mean you need to empty your wallet completely.  They have a monthly plan (at $75) per month, the best part being you can cancel anytime! The 3 months program costs 175$ and the 6 months program is for 275$ only.

Brilliant Nurse provides an NCLEX crash course for a price as low as you would like to give, (which means ALMOST FREE) that will address all your queries , as to how to get started and much more than that. It will simplify things for you, boost your confidence and help to build courage to take up the right approach for the exam. So, if you trust them take the complete test prep plan and pass with flying colours!

Brilliant Nurse takes care to sort out and break every question such that you may first understand the type of the question and its demand, then you can answer it correctly.

‘ A glimpse of how, every type of question (in NCLEX)  needs to be answered with a different approach.’ 

  • Multiple choice questions: have only one correct answer
  • Multiple response questions: Have more than one correct answer (probably more than one)
  • Hot spot items: require you to answer such that you select the right location of a specific item! W.r.t a diagram or figure you need to choose the right form of wave, or injection site etc
  • Fill in the blanks: mostly those which require calculation 
  • Chart/exhibit items: showing tabular or graphical data asking you to comprehend it and take decision 
  • Drag and drop/ Ordered response item: Asks to place given info in the right sequence or order
  • Graphic option item: Needed to choose the right graphic item
  • Audio items: need to listen to sounds like breathing sounds, heart sounds etc to interpret and take decision
  • Video items: need to answer acc to any procedure shown in the video or the information provided
  • Analysis Level items: require you to analyse various symptoms/ data to take the right nursing decision
  • Application level items: test the soundness of your nursing content, test the application of what you’ve learnt
  • Synthesis level: Require to take bits of information to take a decision
  • Evaluation level: Can ask you to determine the effectiveness of nursing care
  • Creation level: demand you to find a novel approach to address a problem, based on your intellect and perception
  • Cognitive level of test items: need clinical reasoning to be used and applied

Briliant Nurse is one such program that will guide you with the right study material, assitance, needed practice and APPROACH to handle questions to crack the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN exams.

Bottomline: Brilliant Nurse Course not only provides the right content but will train you, upgrade your abilities and unlock the potential to be at your best!

Editor’s Note:- We recommend BrilliantNurse’s 6 months All access test prep tracks with daily assignments courses for preparation of NCLEX-PN® and NCLEX-RN®. Click the below links for further information, or for all their courses and options for 30 days and 3 months crash courses, check out this link.


Ultra-extended (6 month access) NCLEX-RN® Test Prep Track + Learning Path – with Daily Assignments and Ultra-extended (6 month access) NCLEX-PN® Test Prep Track + Learning Path – with Daily Assignments






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