NCLEX PN Mastery: A detailed review

There are a number of things that can make you frustrated with your NCLEX-PN exam. One of these is the very difficult questions. To make things worse, you need to answer them in thirty seconds or less! Now add the pressure of having to remember all the things you’ve learned in nursing school. A great NCLEX review can help you better prepare for the test. 

The NCLEX-PN exam questions are designed to elicit confusion on your part. The test makers will try to fool you into misreading the question. They want to know if you really know the answer to the question. For this, it is important to know your content but even more important is the fact that you should learn to apply it to develop clinical and critical reasoning.

What if, you don’t have a lot of time to invest in your preparation? If you are a nursing student right now or may be you might be on job and need NCLEX preparation boost. For people who are short on time and are mostly in a rush, there are mobile applications which help to revise your syllabus by taking tests, solve many many questions, understand concepts and learn.

NCLEX-PN Mastery is an acclaimed app!

It is one of the most popular mobile application among NCLEX aspirants. It is not an in depth review course, but has been developed to help people who are extremely short of time and need to still learn. It is available for both android versions and i phones.

Not only does it help people who are cannot devote too much time, but it also helps students who need to brush up their knowledge nd get a good hand at NCLEX style questions. if you’re one of those who failed the NCLEX despite knowing the content well, this one can rescue you too.

What’s different?

  1. They have questions designed by experts in this field. The entire syllabus is just too much and students are unable to segregate important stuff from unimportant ones. NCLEX Mastery app solves this problem by designing questions from areas that are more important, making you revise concepts that are often asked and you might have a chance to overlook them. They actually claim to reinforce your learning through practising questions.
  2. All your questions are answered in detail, the rationales well explained, and the objective behind asking a particular question will help you understand the hidden intent and develop the skill to handle the real exa really well.
  3. They will also provide test taking tips and strategies. They assume you already know the facts the information is there in your head but you don’t know how to use it the best. So, they will help you lower your anxiety and stress by making it easy for you to take this test.
  4. To make your learning part easy they provide mnemonics, and that too in a very organised manner, divide according to various topics.


  • Provide a smart way of studying on the go. Everything is available on your mobile and you just need to access it.
  • Questions are not just hurled at you randomly. They have organised them topic wise….Medicine/surgery,Labs,Psych and mental health,Maternity,Pediatrics,Pharmacology,Nursing fundamentals and so forth.
  • You can take quizzes and NCLEX-PN simulation tests that will boost your confidence.
  • Provide you a calculated probability of passing the real test immediately after you give it.
  • Lots of mnemonics provided to ease memorisation of concepts. Mnemonics are also available  topic wise.
  • They also provide some multimedia content that includes audio lectures on specific topics that need special attention.
  • Every student can track their progress and focus on their weak areas.
  • They also allow students to customise their tests. This app allows to categorise questions with ones you know, somewhat know, and don’t know so you can go back and study only the ones you want. Also, it remembers which questions you’ve answered so you don’t get the same questions over and over again!
  • Provide 200% passing guarantee
  • It is available in 1 year, 90 days and 30m days plans: Each plan delivers to you the stuff in a manner that it is easy for you to learn. The one year course provides a limited number (approximately 10) questions, terminology and mnemonics everyday. Similarly these are divided on a weekly basis in the 90 days and 30 days plans. The student doesn’t need to worry, the everyday or weekly dose is already defined and you just need to get it down your throat.
  • They also acquaint the student with the specific NCLEX-PN examination rules and guidelines and provide resourceful information that is relevant to the PN exam.


Bottomline: It is a very well acclaimed and popular app that has some good things to offer but it is not complete in itself! It has been used by most students as an additional resource, or it has been used by those who are retaking the NCLEX exam and are very well versed with their content. Moreover, you can use it if you really cannot find time for rigorous study. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: We recommend to you the most innovative review program which will take care of your content, practising NCLEX style questions, strategy building, tips to take the exam etc but in a very balanced and moderate way.  Brilliant Nurse is one such program that will help you manage your time and effort well and will take you through the NCLEX exam. Check out the links below:

30 day DIY NCLEX-PNÆ Test Prep Track & Practice Assignments

Extended (3 month access) NCLEX-PNÆ Test Prep Track

How will Brilliant Nurse NCLEX Review benefit you?

Brilliant Nurse Review is a comprehensive, fully fortified and affordable approach, where you have to add in only one thing and that is your hard work !

Prime Features:

1. Updated and Sound Content: 

They provide, content based on the updated syllabus keeping view of the present requirements. The content is organised nad delivered in an innovative way. They also cover a wide array of topics, to keep you adept and updated with the most needed information on various facets of nursing that you have no chance to regret later. ‘No need to keep hunting in journals, magazines and websites to keep yourself updated on latest changes and developments…’ With minimal time wastage you will get all relevant information at one place.

You can study smartly using the most popular and recommended nursing books, but in the most simplified way. This programme is also used by private institutions and centres that want to help their students or colleagues to be well prepared to take up tests of standardisation for nursing.

The content has also been made innovative by converting it into a video lectures  format. The videos not only deliver relevant content but also explain how to study and apply the information being provided.

2. Develop both Critical and Clinical thinking:

NCLEX, comprises of awide array of questions. It tests your all round abilities. There is no single appproach to answering such a variety of questions. This program does not provide you any pre set algorithm or set of rules that you need to follow, to solve questions and reach the right conclusion, instead it prepares your thniking and develops in you the confidence to handle any new and question yourself.’

They focus on providing you questions based on practical situations, various case stidies, situation based discussions, making you learn how a clinical situation unfolds, and collaborative learning that will make you ready to handle qustions yourself. This course does not impose on you a set of rules, rather leavse you free to think being guided by your previously learnt knowledeg and practice, not leaving you confused nad boggled in the midst of the test.

3. Access to Content via Mobile:

To save your time, and help you study as week as take tests while commuting, tehy provide tis facility too.

4. Student Support:

This class includes round the clock student support in addition to opportunities for regular interaction with teachers. The faculty is supportive and accessible. They help you break down questions that you find tough. They have also allotted weekly 75-minute sessions of student and teacher interaction during which students can request advice and information to help them prepare for the NCLEX exam.

5. Optimum Practice:
All programs provide passing guarantee, over 2000 practice questions, and track your progress, and keep you updated about it, ensuring you try to fill in the gaps.

6. Affordable:

NCLEX is difficult, but that does not mean you need to empty your wallet completely.  They have a monthly plan (at $75) per month, the best part being you can cancel anytime! The 3 months program costs 175$ and the 6 months program is for 275$ only.

Brilliant Nurse provides an NCLEX crash course for a price as low as you would like to give, (which means ALMOST FREE) that will address all your queries , as to how to get started and much more than that. It will simplify things for you, boost your confidence and help to build courage to take up the right approach for the exam. So, if you trust them take the complete test prep plan and pass with flying colours!

They also help you to address all type of questions asked in the NCLEX exam, like they need to be, with a unique approach for each one of them.


EDITOR’S NOTE:- We recommend BrilliantNurse’s 6 months All access test prep tracks with daily assignments courses for preparation of NCLEX-PN®. Click the given link for further information. Ultra-extended (6 month access) NCLEX-PN® Test Prep Track + Learning Path – with Daily Assignments  






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